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Nerding Out

Has satire made political topics more accessible?

Dorian Warren invites to the table Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show, and Dean Obeidallah, columnist for the Daily Beast, to discuss the recent proliferation of political satire over the past decade.

Promoting race and gender issues through comedy

The Nerding Out panel continues their conversation on the rise of political satire television shows, including ones that touch on race and gender.

Political satire and freedom of expression

What are the limits of political satire and the fundamental principles of freedom of expression? Do recent events like the Charlie Hebdo attacks and “The Interview” film cancellation limit or encourage this freedom? Dorian Warren, Lizz Winstead, and Dean Obeidallah discuss.

Are political satirists really informative?

The Nerding Out panel considers the extent to which political comedians inform the general public. Is the Daily Show a valid news source? The group also considers the future of political satire and its reliance on social media.


Later Event: February 5
Nerding Out