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Nerding Out

What if? Democratic Socialist edition

MSNBC’s Nerding Out team pretends they’re running a democratic socialist nation. Find out who’s happy and who’s not alongside host Dorian Warren.

Sanders’ strength? Millennials back socialism

Joseph Schwartz dissects Senator Bernie Sanders’ plan of extending democracy from its political sphere into an economic sphere. Gar Alperovitz, Fmr. U.S. House of Representatives Legislative Dir., describes the motive as “progressive liberalism, almost populism.”

Dog Whistle Politics are reinventing racism

Author Ian Haney-López explains why dog whistling in politics is reinventing racism as presidential hopefuls send messages inaudible on one level and clearly heard on another.

Dem Socialism “political puzzle” for Americans

CEO of the Roosevelt Institute Felicia Wong believes a multi-racial coalition in support of progressive politics is possible, in time. Colleague Mike Konczal says the 2016 election will be a “battleground” for U.S. government expansion or significant downscaling.

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Nerding Out
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Nerding Out