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Nerding Out

Paris Attacks: How the world’s responding

MSNBC’s Dorian Warren surfaces both world unity and backlash during the few days post-terrorist attack in Paris, France.

World’s climate of fear “not a new problem”

Akshaya Kumar, Human Rights Watch Deputy UN Dir., says Paris is an idealized city - hence taking the spotlight from Beirut attacks. Gabor Rona, Int’l Legal Director for Human Rights First, calls Isis “weak”, saying they’re resorting to terrorism because they have no options.

Study: Link between climate change & violence

Is Bernie Sanders onto something? Solomon Hsiang, Assoc. Prof. of Public Policy at Univ. of California, Berkeley goes in-depth on “key ingredients” between climate change and violence, specifically in Syria.

Comedian Amer Zahr “provocative is not funny”

Arab-American comedian/commentator Amer Zahr considers the most recent Charlie Hebdo/Paris Attacks cover provocative- not funny. Zahr talks importance of comedy as a counter to terror saying, “We point out the absurdity of what’s happening to us; our first job is to make people laugh.”

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Nerding Out
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Nerding Out