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Nerding Out

Poor, tired black seamstress? Not Rosa Parks.

Sixty years later and we’re still discussing a woman who refused to give up her bus seat. How much do you know about Rosa Parks and the precedent-setting activism that followed?

Mayor re-election & year-late footage. Timing?

Too coincidental that the long-delayed release of a damning dashcam video comes during Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s re-election bid? Chicago native and Boston Globe Reporter Astead Herndon questions it along with “who’s next” to lose public trust inside Chicago PD.

America’s progressive activism, then & now

Micah White, Co-creator of Occupy Wall Street, says the main difference between grassroots social movements of the early 1950’s and today is the lack of leaders like Rosa Parks and MLK paving the way. “Means and ideas have become today’s leaders.”

Weight of the words “conservative activism”

“Political battles are culture battles, says William F. Buckley, Jr. back in the 60’s.” Ann Scheidler, VP of Pro-Life Action League and Alexandra Petri of The Washington Post tackle the word “conservative” when talking American activism then and now.

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Nerding Out
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Nerding Out