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Nerding Out

What would the TPP actually do?

Everyone in Washington has an opinion on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, but few people know or can say what is definitively in it.  DorianWarren talks with the Huffington Post's senior political economy reporter Zach Carter and breaks down exactly what we do and don't know about the TPP.

The future of neoliberalism in America

In the wake of a major political battle over the Trans-Pacific Partnership Dorian Warren talks with Rolling Stone contributor Jesse Myerson and Huffington Post senior political economy reporter Zach Carter about the future of American trade policy and the project of neoliberalism more broadly.

Why do doctors oppose the President's trade deal?

We know where Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama stand on TPP, but what about Time Magazine's person of the year? Dorian Warren talks to Jesse Myerson and Zach Carter about why the doctors’ groups fighting Ebola in West Africa are fighting against the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The case against Harriet Tubman on the $20

An online push to put a woman on the $20 bill has gained some recent momentum and many are now calling for the US Treasury to replace Andrew Jackson's image with that of Harriet Tubman.  But some argue that American currency is the wrong place to honor the anti-slavery crusader.  DorianWarren talks with hip-hop DJ and cultural commentator Jay Smooth and Rolling Stone contributor Jesse Myerson about the arguments for and against a Tubman twenty.


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Nerding Out
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Nerding Out