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Nerding Out

Rachel Dolezal and Race as a Social Construct

Dorian Warren talks with professors Allyson Hobbs, Christina Greer and Joseph Lowndes about what the social construction of race does and does not mean in the case of Rachel Dolezal.

Rachel Dolezal and cultural appropriation

Dorian Warren talks with his panel about whether or not Rachel Dolezal's behavior qualifies either as appropriation or as blackface.

Why Rachel Dolezal is not like transgender people

Dorian Warren talks with writer and advocate Parker Molloy about why the transgender experience should not be compared to the story of Rachel Dolezal.

Occupy the Faculty Lounge

Dorian Warren asks his professorial panel what things they've encountered in the world of academia that they think you should know about.

Earlier Event: June 11
Nerding Out
Later Event: June 25
Nerding Out